Foot and Handprint Halloween Craft

Foot and Handprint Halloween Craft

It doesn’t get cuter, or sweeter, than this foot and handprint halloween craft.

I made this one for Eli’s bedroom door. When I was teaching, Halloween was the perfect time to create little creatures with the kids feet and hands. I used these for Eli because he currently recognizes “ghosts” and “spiders”. The Frankenstein or monster is simply for our entertainment. I found it on pinterest and fell in love :)

Now, don’t worry if it comes out a little messy, getting a toddler’s prints perfectly is not easy and for me, it is currently impossible. Just have a brush handy for touch ups and whatever “mistakes” you make will just add to the memory of this time. Our spider looks like an elephant, or a spider on steroids!

What I used: (I found everything at Michael’s for less than $15)

    • 3 6×6 craft wood squares
    • Acrylic Paint (white, black, orange & green)
    • 6 Wiggle Eyes
    • Halloween Ribbon (about 27 inches)
    • Paint Brushes
    • Wooden Halloween Accents
    • Wood Glue

Foot and Handprint Halloween Craft

What I did:

  • I painted the three squares with a ton of paint! I laid them under a fan and they dried in less than 20 minutes.

What I did:

  • Once the squares dried, I painted the backdrops; white spider webs & little ghostly dots. These took a few minutes to dry.
  • Then I glued the wooden accents.
  • Next, we made the prints! I do not have photos because I did this alone and had to be as quick as possible. A few tips on how to make this easier: 1. Add a few drops of hand soap to the paint, it makes it so much easier to wash off. 2. Do this by a sink, especially if you’ll be using different colors for the same prints and need to wash in between. 3. Place wood on a hard surface (footprints on the ground and handprints on a counter). 4. Be patient and again, no worries if they come out messy, they will be cute and memorable regardless! 5. Make it fun, LAUGH A LOT and be excited :)
  • When prints dried, I glued the eyes and painted the finishing touches.
  • A few hours later I glued the ribbon on the back of the pieces.  I ran it through all three, separating the squares by about an inch.  When I got to the top, I folded the ribbon in a loop to hang later on.
  • THAT’S IT!
Foot and Handprint Halloween Craft

Friendly Ghost

Foot and Handprint Halloween Craft

Crawly Spider

Foot and Handprint Halloween Craft


Please let me know if you make them, if you came up with other fun prints and share a photo on instagram so I can see :) Remember to tag me @thepelliway






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