Sand Art Terrarium

Sand Art Terrarium

Gardening is in our blood, my dad is the King of Green Thumbs.  However, that’s as far as it goes; the skill stays in our blood but doesn’t come out to play.  I planted a bunch of herbs at our old place and was doing great until I got pregnant and my attention span ran out. Taking care of plants is like taking care of a ton of babies and well, I am no longer at a preschool.

This sand art terrarium idea totally caught my eye.  First of all, it is very low maintenance and there are many different versions online, but they’re all just as simple and cute.  Also, it has been scorching hot these past few days and this gives us all a chance to enjoy nature inside, with the comfort of fans and AC.  I did this with my nephew Seba (7) and amazing Coco (6).

You’ll need:

  • Different colors of sand
  • Glass bowl, jar or vase
  • Plants of your choice (we used suculants)
  • Rocks
  • Straw

Start by adding a handful of rocks to the bottom of a bowl to form a base.  Sorry there is no photo for this.  There is really no technique.  Their purpose is to give something for the roots to eventually hold on to…or so I hear :P
I poured a good amount of the tan (or regular color) sand first to create the platform for the rest of the pretty colors. It would be a shame for those fluorescent colors to be lost at the bottom, right?
Start layering each color (also no particular technique).  I had the kids go around the edges first to make sure each color had a descent amount exposed at the end.
Once all layers are set you can start putting the plants in.  I helped out with the first one since it can be a little tricky. With the straw, gently push the roots into the sand until plants feel secure.  We then poured another layer of sand around.  It’s okay if some sand gets on the plants, you can use the straw to gently blow it out once done.
Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 6.27.30 PM
I promise this was a fun activity…We just had some emotional complications at the end…true life, true kids, true emotions :) Word of advice, buy two of everything!

xo Mari Pelli


***I bought my sand for the Sand Art Terrarium at Michael‘s but if you don’t mind waiting for shipping, I suggest shopping at places like Amazon for cheaper prices and a bigger selection of colors.


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